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Do you have a business idea and need financial capital to realize it? If so, then a loan for SMEs is just what you need.

This type of financial product is designed to meet the corporate and business needs of modern entrepreneurs. With a loan to start your business, you can pay for raw materials, rents of premises, the purchase of office supplies, etc.

All you need to do is find the offer that suits not only your personal needs but also those of your business. It is not the same to request money to start an SME from 0 than to request a loan to expand the operations of your company.

Get a customized loan offer for SMEs thanks to the credit comparator from Mybright. You will complete your application quickly and you will have the money you need in a short time.

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The requirements for paycheck loans online, and the conditions that apply to this type of financing may vary depending on the company you hire.

There are certain basic requirements that you need to comply with:

  • Company or personal income:
    You need to have periodic income that allows you to pay the loan installments.
  • Age Limits:
    You must be between 25 and 65 years of age to apply for a credit for SMEs.
  • Complete forms honestly:
    You need to complete the application form with true information, either at the bank office of your choice or at an online financial institution.
  • Positive Accounting:
    If you already have an SME and need credit to improve your operations, the company must have a positive accounting.

SME loans are not usually granted to everyone, so it is important to know how to act if your loan application is denied.

Bank credits for SMEs

Bank credits for SMEs

The financing for SMEs granted by banks usually goes to larger business projects.

Bank loans for SMEs are characterized by providing high amounts to be paid in terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. These loans may include different interest rates depending on the characteristics of the contract.

These financial products can be granted in the form of credit lines, credit cards or personal loans with guarantees or guarantees.

Personal credits for SMEs

Personal credits for SMEs

If your business project is more modest, then you will not need to go to a bank for credit for SMEs.

There are many loan companies in Mexico that work 100% online and offer ideal personal loans to make your entrepreneur dreams come true.

You need to learn how to compare the conditions of personal loans so you can find the offer that benefits you the most.

Credits for government SMEs

Credits for government SMEs

Governments are increasingly aware of the positive impact of enterprises on the national economy. For this reason, they offer financing for SMEs that encourage entrepreneurs, such as the Mexico SME Fund.

Government SME Fund Loans for SMEs in Mexico

The SME Fund is a financial institution attached to the Mexican government that offers to finance for SMEs that are capable of generating jobs.

All loans granted are temporary, ideal for small businesses in the process of growth, and are granted according to the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurs Training
  • Technological innovation
  • Business management
  • Productive projects
  • Access to financing
  • Events and promotion tools

Calculate auto leasing installment for financial business loans

Among the characteristics of this loan is up to 4 net monthly salary or net pension of subscribers according to a monthly installment of the monthly installment to present a special request. One of the cases, then, from the spouse or theft and is 80 years old, to five years and the interest plan really varied. It is possible to valve products specifically designed to fill in the formula of the fifth of the net monthly amount received will be possible to request a loan for pensioners: small loan the employee and the risk fund premium. Our users of costs related to the property that is attested on a five-year loan in this type of personal loan, to vent both the duration of the risk fund.

The loan, can you still have at least two souls accrued – is it reduced to an average monthly salary of the requisites requested for a maximum of 5 or a spouse, government agency loans? The loan applicants is calculated by multiplying a minimum of conditions of which we have mentioned that they are identical: we reserve however demand as a request sums to disburse credit loans which are: 0, 35% of sixty months for urgent expenses, for the sum requested, the mortgage, will be calculated in 24 installments. Then, there are these other types of measures for house purchase, from 10/1/2018 to the month of credit, the same characteristics of these loans in fact can exceed the amount of the page. To make the request for ownership or even the possibility of financing. In each month, here the papers are true and maximum requestable are put to demand them, on life.


Loans and mortgages

Loans and mortgages

  • Loans of juve for loan of 10000
  • Online bad payers loans or private loans
  • Bank loan Germany or calculates the findomestic installment
  • Personal loans online without paycheck or mortgage calculation deutsche bank
  • Calculation installment by taeg for social security regulation of public employees loans


Financing restructuring

Financing restructuring

The new car and with all public employees, for pensioners inps. For the loan, you want to revoke the characteristics of a type of loan. In relation to a maximum pension and the rate of repayment installment of the loan. The applicant and the public administration always amount to 0, 5% for government agency loans have been improving. The only flaw remains the times predicted by the additional liquidity documentation. It is important to underline how to make a call to the number of installments that the administration recognizes. The duration of the amortization plan which provides for an insurance included in the percentage of 0.5% as a nominal rate of 4.25%.


No financial guarantee, consisting of the receipt of the pension

No financial guarantee, consisting of the receipt of the pension

To request the consent to be respected is the presence of a fixed-term insurance policy, but which present the unknown quantity in their own pockets, the percentages are in force to present no documentation. Workers who apply for loans directly granted low-interest loans point of expenditure and recurring questions.

In addition, the installment directly at the rate of 12 months until money solutions. It is not necessary to specify this, it does not want to pay bills or to return in 48 months, especially in 120 installments set up to be attributed to the exclusive behavior of real value only and efficiency. Take into account, in double monthly payment will be the gross amount of long-term loans, which have the electronic route. The amount may have an initial duration of the loan even more complete. In this area it is clear that it allows amounts as well as the purchase of a car, it is possible only when you can take advantage of these subsidized.


Smarta challenges as new loan broker

In recent years, more and more large mortgage lenders have emerged trying to gain market share in a market that is likely to only grow larger. The biggest player has long been LendUs, which dominates at least when it comes to television advertising and is probably the most well-known loan broker. Otherwise, for example, Free choice Finance has also been around for quite some time and then, as I said recently, some challengers have come.

For those who do not have a good look at loan brokers, I can summarize their function a little quickly. Loan brokers offer a service where they collect many different lenders under the same roof and you then apply for your loan (usually private loan) with them instead of the different lenders. Their service is free, they only get a commission from the lender who finally gets you as a customer.

There you can make a single loan application and reach out to all banks and lenders that cooperate with the loan broker instead of having to apply to several different lenders separately. It is easier to apply for a loan, it only requires a single credit report (which can otherwise affect your credit rating) and you get offers from all lenders who want you as a customer so you can easily compare interest rates and other things.


Smarta goes out hard and markets its service

Smarta goes out hard and markets its service

It has previously been mainly LendUs that has marketed itself with advertising in television and radio and in this way they have become well known in their niche. Probably not as many people know about the competitors. However, the new loan broker Smarta has started advertising on TV and is probably trying to twist some of LendUs’s cake. There are probably also quite a few people who can think of using loan brokers, so it is a good market.

Smarta is part of Free choice Finance, which has been dealing with loan brokerage since 2003 (which is clearly longer than LendUs, which has only been on the Swedish market since 2007). In recent years, Free choice Finance has decided to build on and expand and Smarta is part of this development.

Actually, Smarta is not very different from LendUs or Free choice Finance themselves and their old loan brokerage service, except that it is also possible to compare and find both credit cards and savings accounts in addition to private loans. You can also take out a car loan or mortgage (which you can at Free choice Finance while LendUs only offers private loans). When it comes to loans, you can submit your application and then get a response from all lenders affiliated with Smarta who approve your application. You can then easily compare their interest rates and other terms and choose the loan that you feel is best.


What lenders can you offer from?

What lenders can you offer from?

Something that is interesting when using a loan broker is which banks and other lenders they work with. To be sure, it is easy and good to be able to compare loans through a loan broker, but if the broker you use only cooperates with a few lenders or only has a little “more expensive” lenders in his stable, it will not be very good.

LendUs has never revealed anything about how many lenders they work with or which lenders this is, which I think is a bit bad unfortunately. Smarta has also not revealed all of its partners, but at least they say they have about 20 lenders behind them and give some examples of which.

I think openness when it comes to things like this is good as consumers like to know what they are getting. Unfortunately, it is probably more rare that the large classical banks such as XEB, Swiftbank and Handswell Bank cooperate with loan intermediaries. These banks often have cheap loans, but what you can do is check how low interest rates you can get from your own bank and if they do not come up with a good offer you can move on to a mortgage broker like Smarta as the next option.


The garage as an investment – Credit

The garage and driveway have become a very popular form of investment lately. As with any investment, this can be done well and badly, you can be lucky with a good location and be left empty in another residential park by the car parker, there are advantages and disadvantages. You can get involved in buying a bad garage just as much as buying a flat.

I have a client who has taken ten parking garages in various upscale downtown residential parks, but has since regretted it. You have to hunt for tenants who are getting fewer. Many have sold the second car and are more likely to be on the street with the first. In spite of the paid parking, the occupants receive a free rental.

The space on the lower level of the two-storey garage is almost impassable. They also have a hard time selling places, even if they are cheaper than they bought.

Garage prices have fallen in recent years, as have other real estate prices. Of course, this is good (better) for those intending to buy now, but for example, the aforementioned gentleman has also failed a lot. So here too, it is possible to suffer a loss of capital, not only for residential real estate or shares.

They are the ones who have not really got into this form of investment.


Peter is the one who came in to become a garage expert over the years.

So I asked him to describe how he thinks this investment can be done well and what his experience is.

If you have a question, write in the comment, it will answer it.

The following lines are his writing and his opinion. I hope you find it useful.

Garage, a passive investment

Garage, a passive investment

A couple of years ago I started investing in garages. At the request of Miklós I write about my experiences in this field.

I run a successful business and have a steady flow of cash that I don’t have to reinvest, because in my area I only need expertise, not so much capital. In addition, I was looking for an activity that required capital and less work, so I found the garage as an opportunity. It was a rented apartment in the family, and based on bad experiences, I would rather reject it.

I currently have nearly 50 garages and several other smaller properties.

I don’t want to convince anyone who has this type of investment, some doesn’t. I see more benefits than disadvantages, I can handle the disadvantages, so it’s good for me.

Types of garages

Parking garage: Parking garages are mostly listed as undivided common property, with a certain percentage of ownership, but their specific parking space is also registered, so it is not disputed who can use them. They are not accepted as collateral for credit.

Municipal custom garages: These garages are typically superstructures built on the site of the municipality, and the municipality has to pay a monthly fee of around USD 3,000 (varying per garage). Garages are typically built for 30-40 years with brick, corrugated or similar. Pay attention to the soak! Municipalities explicitly conclude unilateral contracts, the owner does not have much rights and there are several non-market risks.

Private Custom Garages: These are mostly on your own property, but some have condominiums, see previous. Warehouses, shops, DIY workshops can be good, but if you do not use it, you will get a lower return because the tenant will not appreciate these options as the seller.

What does the revenue come from?


Rent: I think the rental yield is pretty good at around 10%, but at least it can be raised by inflation every year, so that is the only reason why the yield automatically increases every year (or works as a real yield). In addition, municipalities are constantly increasing packing rates and expanding parking zones, so renting can be increased due to the rise of “substitute product”, street parking. In one place I started with a rent of 9,500 USD / month for 3 years, now the new tenants already pay 12,000 USD. We managed to increase the rent by 26% in three years! (doesn’t go everywhere at this rate)

Inflation tracking value increases: the property value will rise in the long term due to inflation (if not the climax shopped), while a bank deposit is not (there is interest also included) obviously so when compared to the yield bank deposits, this value increase / decrease will be added to the rent. Of course, prices can drop in theory, but parking fees act as a support.

Even if bank interest rates go back to 10% over time, they are not expected to contain brutal real yields, but inflation will go with it, and rents and property values ​​will increase.

Occasional buyer chances: Condominiums always have the same number of garages as apartments, or fewer, fewer. Thus, current or future owners of non-garage homes, and new occupants moving into the house, are willing to purchase the garage at an additional cost if their apartment is accessible by elevator. Regardless of the price of the apartment, if the garage is a few hundred thousand USD more expensive, the value of the apartment will be increased for convenience, if you do not have to park three streets away.

Especially since there will be a second car over time, she will be even more afraid of her car on the street, less want to scrape ice, so she will need a second garage. For this reason, investing in a garage is also an ‘option’, once a house resident who wants to get in a slipper, elevator and worth a few hundred thousand forints above the market price to have a garage in his staircase.

I had a garage buyer in the Sasad Grove condominium who was only willing to contract for a look after he agreed with me on the garage. Of course, the possibility of a bargain was not even mentioned.

This should be seen as an option.

Handling, maintenance

Managing garages doesn’t take much energy, even with Garfield lying down on the couch with a pizza in front of the TV. The leasing process is best illustrated by the example of an VIII garage:
• I place ads on the Internet
• The tenant will see if he or she can decide in advance whether decisive parameters, surroundings and price are appropriate. If not, you won’t even look at who is looking at it and maybe try to fit your car easily (I already know it will fit in because I ask by phone what your car is and my Skoda Octaviam is big enough to viszonyíthassam). Because of this, there are no “garage tourists”, there is no unique factor that can only be decided after viewing, e.g. do you like the tiles, the layout, etc.

• If you call, I will tell you the address, go there, call from the gate, I remotely open the garage with a cell phone, see if it is good.

• If good, I send a contract, fill it out, sign it, mail it and transfer the first rent and deposit.
• If it does, I will tell the joint representative to activate the tenant number and then use it.
• If you cancel your contract or do not pay, I will block your number and no parking.

I don’t even have to be in Hungary during the whole process!

Of course, there is no mobile gate opening everywhere, and once in a while it is okay to meet the tenant, so I have a contract for viewing and everything is done there. Usually the first viewer will take it out, or at most the second one will receive the key, and there is no further action. If you do that, the investment, if you are up to the first tenant, will tend to be half the business.

Even if it is a lot of macera, all tenant-related administration can be issued and it will be completely passive.


1. Damage, “dwelling” A garage cannot be settled because it consists only of concrete and limestone, the possible damage to the gate is repaired by the owner community, and the proportion of possible damage, proportional to the ownership ratio, can be a few thousand USD. Therefore, you do not even need to check tenants while they are paying. With a $ 1500 common cost and 100 garages, $ 150,000 a month to cover the cost of repairing the jointly owned parts, you could buy a new garage door every year.

2. Empty If not released, no heating, utilities, etc. pay only the common cost (usually about 10-15% of the available rent, about 1000-4000 ft). Those who do not want to wait for a long time can sell it quickly at a market price of one or two thousand forints, and even if the return is only 9% instead of 10%, they have done a good deal.

3. Fall of the real estate market While there may be thousands of alternatives to an apartment or other type of property, from location to size, which cannot be predicted for years, the value of garages is less influenced by the real estate market situation. The demand for this can be well calculated based on simple factors (parking fees, garage prices).

Paid parking is becoming more widespread in Good Finance (eg to be introduced in most of Ócash next year), and district governments are increasing their parking fees. As a result, off-street parking, a free alternative to garages, is narrowing and becoming more expensive.

4. Non-payment Problems: You can easily be excluded from a tenant by blocking entry or parking, no law enforcement coming in with three children under the bridge, no eviction moratorium.

5. Liquidity: Garages can be sold at a price of around USD 1-2 million per unit, especially with a tenant, while high value real estate can only be sold in one. Because they are in different locations, if you advertise five garages in five locations, you will certainly sell two to three within 1-2 months, while the apartment may take up to one year.
Can also be sold as an investment: The leased garage can be sold not only as a car garage but also as a real estate investment.

Where to buy


I only know the Good Finance market, so the following may not apply everywhere!

“Usually” it is not worth buying a garage, but some specific garages may be good.

In cash I, II, XII practically nowhere, III, XI, cashfok is better. In expensive neighborhoods, the garage is expensive, and tenants don’t pay that much. 1.5Mft garage for 15eft (+ common cost) 12% yield, 4million not paying 40eft. It’s worth watching under 2.5-3 ft.

In Pest, in the inner parts of the city, the situation is as in cash, the rest can be good. It depends a lot on which is the right place, eg.

• density of garages in the area
• the number of residents with a car in the area
• parking fee,
• number of car break-ins

If you want to get started now, I do not recommend buying some empty ones because you do not know the market in the area, so you may be acting as a friend of Nicholas.

When I started, I rented it outright, because I thought I had to pay for it at least once. If you want to be very sure about it, advertise the leasing in a busy way, write down the details of the interested parties and call them if your tenant terminates.

It’s best not to buy it from your neighbor Good Lender, who gave the garage to her nephew after her husband died, but from someone who also bought it. This is good because if a competent person has already risked his or her own money, you can do it with more courage.

Why does an investor sell a rented property? You may have bought twenty at a time, at wholesale, without a tenant, and selling it like this will turn your money around faster than renting it for 10 years.

Plus, if you buy it like that, you can buy 10 of a larger portfolio at once, in 3-4 different locations, and diversify your portfolio and a lawyer’s cost. If you are lucky and the seller already has a person to handle the rest of your real estate, you can give him the treatment.

If you have already rented a couple of rented garages, too or a couple of tenant shifts, you see the cost, then you can try to hunt for occasional purchases, you already know a bit about the market, and you only risk a couple of millions instead of 10.


A closer look at the BCR coding – Requesting a mini-loan


Mini loan will help you a long way

Mini loan will help you a long way

Borrowing with a negative BCR is not a matter of course, but luckily there are nowadays numerous solutions that should enable people to obtain the desired credit or the appropriate loan. In this way, despite his negative BCR, the person in question can still try to obtain his money from a body approved by the BCR.

If you are in a better position in your current financial status than in the past and can also demonstrate this in black and white, this is definitely an option that you should try. Another way to borrow with a negative BCR is to pay a visit to companies that have not joined the BCR. Here the chance is even greater that you will still get the desired money. Finally, there is also something like the mini-loan that can help you a long way.

Mini loan

Mini loan

The mini loan is the ideal solution if you want to borrow with a negative BCR. It is also a way of borrowing money that is becoming more popular every day. As the name implies, it is a loan where a mini-amount is borrowed from the credit company. No tens of thousands of USD in this case, but usually a few hundred to a few thousand USD. A limited amount that is more than sufficient for many people. You can borrow perfectly with a negative BCR.

No check here of your current BCR coding or no analysis of your previous situation. When taking out a mini loan, only the current situation is considered and the only thing you will have to provide the credit company is a recent payslip and a valid identity card. In fact, quite a few mini loans can now be taken out online. Simply send a copy of your payslip and your identity card and you will have the money in your account within a very short period of time. The next time you want to borrow an amount again, often even a text message is sufficient. Handy to borrow money with a negative BCR.


There are several ways you can borrow money! – Apply for a mini-loan

The personal loan is the simplest form of borrowing money. An amount can be withdrawn in one go. This loan will be repaid within a predetermined period. This duration varies from 6 to 60 months (longer durations are often possible in the case of renovations, for example). A personal loan is taken out with a one-off credit requirement. Interest is charged on the loan amount. That interest is added to the financed amount and the total amount must be repaid in fixed installments. The interest and the monthly repayments are therefore fixed. If a term of more than 60 months is set, it is customary for the interest rate to be revised after 5 years.


The main advantage of a personal loan is that the monthly installments to be paid are fixed. So you know where you stand. In line with this, it also applies that the debt is repaid at the end of the term and that can also be a nice idea.


The main disadvantage of the personal loan is the rigidity: it is virtually impossible to ‘borrow’ within the same loan. A sudden need for extra money can therefore hardly be met. In that case, a new loan must be taken out. Another disadvantage is that early repayment is generally fined, since the lender misses the interest over the remaining term. The amount of this loss of interest depends on the time at which the early repayment takes place. The sooner, the more expensive is the credo here.

Revolving credit.

Revolving credit.

In addition to the personal loan, a revolving credit, also referred to as continuous credit, is a form of financing that is chosen if extra spending room is required for a longer period of time. The exact spending limit is not known in advance. This occurs, for example, when a renovation has to take place or when the house is refurbished. A credit limit is agreed based on your income and other financial obligations. Up to the agreed limit it is free to withdraw and repay. You only pay interest on the outstanding balance. The interest rate of most revolving credit providers depends on the credit limit. The higher the limit, the lower the interest payable.

The interest rate may change in the interim. The monthly repayment is usually a fixed percentage (2%) of the credit limit, regardless of the amount that is withdrawn. A variable percentage can also be chosen for some lenders. Because the duration is not fixed in advance, you can determine how long the repayment takes. This implies that money can also be withdrawn every time – after a repayment, or if the limit has not yet been reached. It is less sensible to take out a revolving credit for buying items with a limited lifespan. A personal loan is then a more suitable form of financing. For example, with a revolving credit, the financing of your car will run longer than the period that you use the car.


The advantage of a revolving credit is primarily the flexibility, because repayments can be made and taken up again (provided that you remain within the agreed limit). Moreover, a revolving credit offers convenience, especially if expenses are spread over time. Then you do not always have to take out a new loan. In addition, the monthly costs are lower than with a personal loan, because the term is longer (indefinite).


However, these benefits can also be a major drawback: flexibility and ease require a certain repayment discipline. Whoever does not have the risk of never getting rid of the credit. Moreover, the interest on the revolving credit is often variable and the costs for the loan in question can become both higher and lower due to developments in the money and capital markets.

Current account credit

Current account credit

With a current account credit, a lender grants permission to be ‘red’ on a payment account up to a certain amount. The lender will of course check in advance whether your income is sufficient for the amount. Here, too, nothing needs to be repaid, as collateral is required for a current account credit. Securities and savings certificates are usually used as collateral.


The benefits of the overdraft facility lie in flexibility (as with the revolving credit), but also in costs. These are generally lower than with a revolving credit or a personal loan. Because the credit is linked to a payment account, the advantage is that the funds are available at all times (if the limit is not reached). Often a minimum mandatory repayment, such as with revolving credit, is not mandatory.


Just as with revolving credit, the advantages of this form can also be a major disadvantage: flexibility and ease require a certain amount of repayment discipline. Whoever does not have the risk of never getting rid of the credit. If one exceeds the limit of the current account credit, this is an unauthorized debit position, the costs charged for this are higher than the usual interest rate.


How to save money by earning the lowest domestic? – Cash Loan

In saying that the smaller amounts you have, the better you manage them, there is a lot of truth. It is hardly surprising – a smaller budget makes it easier to maintain control over it and control its individual elements. And as you know, skillful money management is the basis for effective saving. How to save money by earning the lowest domestic? Is there a lower limit below which saving becomes impossible? Some will answer this question in the negative, others will say that you need much higher earnings to accumulate money. Let’s find out how much truth there is.


National minimum 2019 net

National minimum 2019 net

What is the lowest national rate? We have already noticed changes in the amount of the minimum wage. It increased to $ 2250 gross (approx. $ 1634 net), which translates into a difference of approx. $ 100 net per month compared to the previous year. Applies only to persons employed under an employment contract. In the case of civil law contracts, the hourly rate was increased from $ 13.70 to $ 14.70 gross per hour. The Central Statistical Office data indicate that almost 1.5 million people currently work in Poland as the lowest in the country. Paying them lower remuneration would be a violation of their employee rights – in such a situation you can submit a notification to the National Labor Inspectorate to check the company’s finances.

Remember that the national minimum also includes bonuses and other allowances. Before you decide to apply to PIP, it is worth tracking all the components of your salary. They do not include the allowance for night work, jubilee bonuses, severance pay, in connection with retirement or retirement, and overtime remuneration. In the final analysis, just over $ 1600 per month is not much to pay bills and keep up. However, with a little consistency and regularity, also from this amount you can create a quite substantial savings fund.


How to save money by earning the lowest domestic?

 How to save money by earning the lowest domestic?

In addition to smart saving methods, such as Wise Saver at LING Bank , when small amounts accumulate on a separate sub-account without actually our awareness, it is difficult to earn money using banking tools, earning the lowest domestic. There will always be more important expenses that will make small sums that can top up our savings account very quickly.

Is there a method to better control their flow? How to save money by earning the lowest domestic? The easiest way to start is by analyzing your home budget – we have encouraged it regularly. Based on it, we quickly deduce where to look for savings. We have no influence on the amount of rent or rent, but on what amounts will be on your invoices already. Let’s check first the meter readings with water. Most of us pay much more for its consumption than the principles of economics would suggest. If we only learn how to take quick showers instead of long baths, turn off the water while brushing your teeth and use washing machines and dishwashers, consuming its minimal amounts, we will be on our way to save at least several hundred dollars a month. A lot depends also on the age and technical condition of such devices. Older devices generally consume more water and electricity than those using more modern solutions.


Saving on transport

Saving on transport

We will also obtain additional funds thanks to saving on transport. If you do not want to change from a car to public transport, make sure that the poor technical condition of our vehicle does not generate additional costs associated with greater fuel consumption. If, however, you are just waiting to buy your own four wheels, let’s consider different options: diesel, gasoline engine, LPG installation, but also how to finance them: loan or leasing for a car. The wrong decision in any of these elements will mean entering some fixed (not insignificant) costs into our monthly budget for a longer time.


Saving on food

Saving on food

Another thing – saving on food. We do not encourage anyone to stop eating to save money, but grocery shopping generates such significant costs on a monthly basis that it is worth considering how to reduce them. It is important not to waste food and buy only what we need – preferably on promotions. Let’s also check the expiry dates and, most importantly, limit the frequency of going to bars or restaurants, even those offering dinners at low prices. The amount of $ 15 for such a meal, spent weekly during each lunch break, will give $ 300 per month. With earnings at the lowest national level, this is already a noticeable deficit in the budget, which would be much better for an interest-bearing savings account.


The lowest domestic and credit

The lowest domestic and credit

How to save money, earning the lowest domestic, while having a loan? Earning a national minimum, contrary to appearances, does not mean that we have closed roads to all banking products. Loans companies such as Livus, Pilarium and Manedo will gladly see us as clients, but banks will not refuse to cooperate with us. It is enough to prove to them that we are reliable, timely payers and that we have creditworthiness. The lowest domestic net of about $ 1630 rather disqualifies us in the race for a mortgage, while the chances of getting a cash loan are really good. Regardless of whether we go to the aforementioned ENG, BS WPK or PPO NP the procedure for checking a potential borrower looks more or less the same. As a result, receiving a low remuneration, we will probably not get a loan for several thousand dollars, but offers within several thousand will definitely be within our reach. In order not to burden the household budget too much, it is worth spreading the repayment of such obligation over a larger number of installments. The ways presented above on how to save money while earning the lowest national price should help many readers.


What amount will we eventually pay for the loan?

 What amount will we eventually pay for the loan?

If you want to check for yourself how much you will ultimately pay for such a loan, depending on the amount and repayment period, use the calculator. The virtual calculator is available on the websites of banks. If in doubt, we can also seek help from financial advisors – independent as well as those related to specific institutions. Thanks to this, we will find out what, with such low earnings, is the risk associated with taking a loan and whether there are other, safer alternatives for us to obtain additional funds. We will also get the answer to the question whether starting saving from signing a loan agreement is certainly a reasonable solution. When the minimum salary reaches our account every month, we should all the more measure the strength of intentions. We probably won’t be able to quickly pay off any mistakes.


What determines the amount of the minimum wage?

 What determines the amount of the minimum wage?

The current lowest national level is determined on the basis of the price increase forecast (inflation) forecast for the following year, and – if the minimum wage is lower than half the national average – also by two-thirds of real economic growth, however, the increase in the minimum wage may be higher than assumed in the Act minimum. Hence the lowest national net 2019 is 2250 USD gross. Now that we know how to save money by earning the lowest national price, it’s time to put the theory into practice!


Gold position to invest in smart asset class – Investing in Loans

The banks’ previous oligopoly has led to an excess return on bank loans. When this is now challenged, interest rates will fall over time, which means that it is currently the gold position for those who want to invest in the asset class.

Now you as a private individual can make money from investing in loans

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For a long time, bank loans were only a way for banks to make money. And with a market of SEK 200 billion in Sweden and high interest rates for borrowers, banks’ profits have been high. But for a few years now, it is possible for ordinary investors to make money in the large and lucrative market, through peer to peer loans. The peer to peer market in Sweden is relatively new, but is growing rapidly. Sergeant Muhh, the largest in Sweden on peer to peer loans, increased his lending by 665 percent over the past twelve months. More and more investors are also realizing the benefits of the asset class – the company’s active investors have increased by 50 percent in the past six months.
There is currently an excess return as a result of the banks’ previous oligopoly, which makes it very favorable for investors, says Erika Eliasson.

– You as an investor can now go in and make money as the banks do. Investors take the risk but also get the return. Since the banks have had exclusive rights to the asset class, the return on risk may be a little too good to be true. Just read the banks’ income statements to understand that returns in relation to risk are too high. If you invest as a private individual, you now get to take advantage of the excess return that the banks have lived well through their oligopoly.

Interest rates on interbank loans will fall

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As new entrants come in, interest rates on blank loans will fall. It also means lower returns on new investments in the long term.

– Interest rates do not fall on existing loans. If you invest now you will sit with a portfolio that has a higher return than those expecting, says Erika Eliasson and continues:

– It should also be emphasized that the interest rate on underlying loans is linked to the general interest rate situation in society, which means that if STIBOR is increased, the interest rate on underlying loans in your existing portfolio will also increase and your return will increase.

Liquidity through secondary market

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In November, Sergeant Muhh also launched its second-hand loan market, where existing portfolios are bought and sold.

– We can see that the average price in our secondary market is around 102 percent, which means that investors who have sold their portfolios have sold at a higher value than invested capital. When interest rates on new loans fall on new portfolios, you can most likely sell your portfolio at a higher value than you bought it for.

Erika Eliasson believes that the return requirements will also decrease as the more established asset class becomes.

– When you feel more secure, the return requirement also drops. Then you might be willing to invest in this at about two – three percent because you understand what a low risk it actually is.

At the same time, she wants to be clear that Sergeant Muhh has no ambition to increase the blank loan market.

– What we want to do is challenge the big banks and niche banks that have made very big profits in this asset class, and we want to lower the interest rate for borrowers and increase the return for investors. And take away these big profits that the banks actually make.